Novel Futures

Facilitation for Strategy & risk

Novel Futures uses a suite of Adaptive Scenario Analysis and Planning processes (ASAPs) in helping businesses, governments and organizations to analyze critical uncertainties and drivers of change, create shared visions, and stress test their strategies, policies, products and operations against emerging risks and opp.


Emerging Issues

Experts at Novel Futures conduct issue scans to support its foresight and risk exercises, to help organizations see emerging issues and better understand the historical context of complex issues.


Systems Thinking & Transformation

Seeing the hidden connection among complex issues is critical for achieving real and lasting impact. Novel Futures assists organizations in applying complexity analysis tools to identify leverage points for accelerating progress.


Speaking & Training

Experts at Novel Futures speak to audiences large and small about the utility of foresight and scenario planning. Training workshops are also available to build foresight capacity within your organization. 

foresight expertise at novel futures



Foresight & Scenario Planning

Darren Swanson


Novel Futures Director Darren Swanson has led foresight, scenario planning and risk assessment exercises for communities, governments, businesses and the United Nations. Prior to starting Novel Futures, Darren was Director of the Measurement & Assessment program at the International Institute for Sustainable Development and program leader of the IISD Foresight Group.


  With master's degrees in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and Geo-environmental Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Darren draws from a diverse science-policy knowledge base when assisting organizations in the collective pursuit of creativity, adaptability and sustainability.