Adaptability 21

Adaptive Governance and Transformative Change


Published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development in 2014, 'GovernAbilities: Essential Tools for Successful Governance in the 21st Century', provides timely guidance to help governments at all levels improve their ability to effectively and efficiently pursue sustainability, accountability and adaptability

Adaptive Policies


Published by Sage and the International Development Research Centre, this guidebook outlines seven essential tools for creating adaptive policies. Darren Swanson served as lead editor and co-author of the book while working at the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

The ADAPTool


Based on the book 'Creating Adaptive Policies', the Adaptive Design and Assessment Policy Tool (ADAPTool) gives government policy-makers an analysis tool to better understand the degree to which existing policies and programs contribute to adaptation in key economic sectors and the adaptability of policies themselves to changing circumstances.

Adaptation and Resilience


Novel Futures specializes in climate change adaptation, including scenario planning, adaptive management, and indicator systems for government sectors, businesses and communities.

Infrastructure Vulnerability & Risk


Novel Futures Director, Darren Swanson is trained in the use of the PIEVC Engineering Protocol for assessing the vulnerability of infrastructure to extreme weather events and climate change. Additionally, Darren has led scenario planning exercises for climate change vulnerability and risk analysis in the energy, agriculture and transportation sectors.

Flood and Drought Management


Published by the International Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP) at the United Nations University, this report highlights the importance of integrated drought and flood management in the context of today's unpredictable climate and economy. Darren Swanson served the IHDP's editorial board as science writer for the publication.